Are Barclays the worst Bank?

Tried to transfer money from Barclays to another bank. Went through all the security hoops online and finally got to make the transfer and got a message that to authorise the payment I would get a text on my mobile that would ask if I wanted to make the transfer, Got the text and answered Y or N to authorise. Sent Y and got 'not delivered' tried again and again and got 'not delivered'.  Phoned 'customer service'and explained my problem, went through the security hoops and was told by the rep. that her terminal had frozen and she would transfer me to someone else. After about a 15 minute wait went through the security hoops again and re-explained my problem,. Was told 'sorry I'll have to pass you to someone else'. After about 15 minutes got through to another rep, went through security hoops and explained my problem. It seems when I got passed around, the reps were not told my name or what my problem was. Finally I ws told that the reason my Y text was not delivered was that there was a computer problem. It took 45 minutes on the phone to resolve. That's Barclays Bank for you.
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  • TadleyBaggie
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    Not delivered suggests it was more a problem with your mobile provider or the SMS network as a whole. Who is your provider? If the Barclays text came from a "short" code, some providers (Plusnet comes to mind) don't support short codes.

    Are they the worst, probably not, but probably not the best either.
  • Diamandis
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    It's unfortunate they were having computer problems but it was obviously an issue for the call centre staff too. I don't think it means they are the worst bank.
  • Sandtree
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    That's odd, never had to text Y to anywhere with Barclays when using their website or their app when making a payment
  • Sicard
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    I used to get the Y or N but since using their app I get the option to use their pin machine.
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  • Murphybear
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    My main bank account is Barclays, I’ve never had a problem with them.  I have an account with the Co-op and one with the Halifax.  Never had a problem with them either.  

    It would be difficult to pin down one bank as “the worst” as no bank is 100% error free.  
  • tasticz
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    I have same problem with Barclays and smarty network. Switch to O2 or other network which allow text message response if you want to resolve your problem all at once.

    I usually can get it manually authorised after 30 mins or so once on phone.
  • TripleH
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    NatWest still haven't taken my late father's name off my parents business deposit account 3 years after he passed away (is it that long ago). It took 2 years to remove his name off of the connected current account... we only told them and provided the paperwork requested a month after his death.
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