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HRH prog won't refund

Booked a music festival with accommodation for March 2022. The event has been postponed until November 2023. Their terms and conditions state no refund only a credit note. Is this legal
y binding as it's over 18 months until the next event.


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    I am in the same situation. It seems illegal, but I am not sure. One thing is for certain, I am not going to another of their events.
    DO NOT SUPPORT HRH whilst they use unethical business practices.
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    I asked Citizens advice and because it's in the T&C's you can't get a refund. It seems wrong to move an event 18 months and different dates and not offer refunds. We've also had the Leeds HRH cancelled and moved to Sheffield and still no refunds. I will never book with them again.
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    Although it is stated in the T& Cs the terms of the contract still have to be fair .  When an event organiser makes a major change  - such as moving the event from one city to a different one - they should offer customers the choice of a refund or credit note .

    Make a formal complaint to HRH stating that you want a refund not a credit note.

    If after having received your written complaint they still refuse to give you a refund , you maybe able to try a chargeback or section 75 with your bank  ( if you paid by credit or debit card ) including a copy of your formal complaint . 
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