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Hi, I recently received a letter from a debt collector. It turns out that the garage that my car was being serviced at in 2019 parked my car in the adjacent public car park which resulted in a fine, but as my car was registered at my old address I never received the letter. Fast forward a few years, the debt is up to about £300 and has gone through the court. I've paid the money but am worried that it will effect my credit score and mortgage application later this year. Once a debt has been paid, does a CCJ go from your file? Can anyone advise? Thank you


  • It'll show as settled and then fall off 6 years from being put on.

    Use a decent broker so your application is placed correctly.
  • CCJ will remain on your record for 6 years unless it was paid within 30 days

    Always remember that if you move house, you must update the powers that be e.g. DVLA for driving licence etc as that is where points letters would go to

    Please go to the parking tickets sub forum of the motoring forum and ask for advice there about dealing with it. 

    You don't have a credit score so don't worry about that, lenders never see the gimmick number
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    You should go the garage to get them to reimbursement the original fine / charge. Any interest or court costs are your fault though for not updating the dvla
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