Walsall Council Tax Rises

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This is more of an opportunity to vent and to make people aware that this so-called council tax rebate of £150 is a farce.
Received my council tax bill today. Walsall Council have increased their council tax bills ny 2.99%. On top of this they have reduced the amount of help you receive towards costs paying your council tax across the board. As a single mother on a low income I am now expected to find an extra £400+ a year to pay towards my council tax. So in short the council tax rebate will not be received by myself or countless others, if anything we are being plunged further into debt. This on top of all the other rises. 
People will not be able to survive. There will not be a choice between heat or eat. There will be neither. 


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    yes, many commentators said at the time tje £150 rebate wasxannounced that the likely council tax oncrease in April would eat into that significantly 😕
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    And this has what to do with the Techie stuff board?
    Of course people will survive (drama queen alert!) although there may be some belt tightening. I pay all my council tax, will get no rebate and the tax will increase in April in my area by the same 2.99% which is less than inflation.  What exactly do you expect Government National or Local to do? Costs like fuel and wages are increasing and much of this is not in the hands of Government. Any reduction in tax, grant etc is paid for by tax payers.
  • I recall. However, I wanted it noted that they have greatly reduced help that was previously given resulting in bills that far exceeded expectations. And it was just a chance to vent really. But I will amend the post so that it doesn't read as though it revolves around the rebate. Thanks
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    According to the local press the £150 rebate may not be deducted from the council tax bill and will have to be claimed from the council. In Kirklees that means about 60,000 will have to do so.
    The OP is complaining about the lack of help but does need to consider that there are a lot of people who get no benefits at all and have to find the money.
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    Should be on Praise, Vent & Warnings, definitely not this board.
    Anyway, council tax rises will happen anyway, the £150 rebate has absolutely nothing to do with the tax taken by councils. If you don't want your £150 I'll happily take it off your hands!
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