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My husband needs a folding electric wheelchair with a fully reclining back. This is the only one that I have found. It’s on the easy living website Does any one know how to get it cheaper. It’s £1500.
Thanks in advance  

Easy Chair AutoFolding

Product Code: 3610510150835


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    Secondhand/ex-display is the most likely way to get one cheaper.  A Google search will probably give the widest range of results to be honest; sometimes you just have to trawl through listings on sites where they haven't put the model in the listing title - it's annoying and takes work, but hopefully worth it if you can find one at a much better price.

    [My first powered chair was from eBay, and my current one from a mobility shop I'd never heard of but was legit, came up in a Google search with the exact model I was after.]
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    If you get higher rate PIP/DLA and don't have a car on Motability you can get a powerchair.  The good thing is that if it breaks down then everything is paid for so you pay more overall but handy if you can't afford a big expenditure or any unexpected bills for it. 

    Otherwise be careful as there is some cheap tat out there 
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    and don't forget that you don't have to pay VAT.  I would guess you already knew that but others coming to this thread might not.
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    Thanks I’ve been phoning companies asking about one with a reclining back, asked occupational therapist but no go.  This chair has only come on the market this year so no hope of a second hand model and thanks yes I know about VAT relief. A family member extended family worked in a home and got disabled aids chairs wheelchairs dead cheap but doesn’t work there anymore. Thanks to you all
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    If your husband recieves DLA or PIP then you can get funding for a power wheelchair from them. 

    Here is the link Motability If you dont claim but think you may qualify then here is the link PIP

    If you don't qualify then try contacting care homes, or try a shop on Ebay.


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