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Wood chippings, free or very cheap?

I've just spent a merry couple of hours trying to find a source of free or very cheap wood chippings to make new paths on my allotment, and failed miserably. DD1's boyfriend, who lives 30 miles away, acquired a trailer-load delivered to his driveway for a mere £20 a couple of weeks ago; he brought me a couple of sacks, bless him, but I really need rather a lot more than that! He found his on Gumtree, locally; I looked & there are no similar listings anywhere near me. The closest source I can find charges £69 for a metre cubed, plus delivery, and I think I'd probably need two metres cubed. Does anyone know how to find a cheaper source? £140+ is, basically, out of the question...
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  • Without knowing where you are, it's hard for people to suggest places.

    I've just looked at where I got mine from and it's £80 per builders sack, plus delivery.

    My tree surgeon sells his to allotments, schools and the public cheaper.

    Occasionally surplus does pop up on my local FB groups and gumtree.

    All you can do is keep looking or grab some of the fallen branches and hire a shredder.
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  • twopenny
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    Now is the ideal time with so many trees down.
    We have a local firm that is chopping and shredding every day tidying large gardens and public spaces.
    I know there are a number of firms in a 25 mile radius. I've never seen the chippings advertised  but there must be tons at the moment.
    County highways are busy lopping trees roadside. I'd stop and ask the guys working as they won't have an outlet for them.
    National parks do a lot too.

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    Have you spoken to people in landscape gardening or tree surgeon type work who clearly will be generating a lot of material? No idea if they have already identified it as a revenue stream or are paying to dump it.
  • I'm in East Dorset, not too far out of Bournemouth & Poole. I think the local tree surgeons are well aware that it's very much in demand! Recently had a quote for pollarding one tree & cutting another down to bush-size, and he was proposing to charge me for chipping my own wood - I suppose it's wear & tear on his machine, and his fuel, so not totally unfair! I actually found a firm last night on FB who are a bit further out that are £30 for a metre-cubed delivered; I might swallow that simply so that I can get on with the job.
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    I seem to recall reading on one of the local Facebook or Nextdoor sites where a local company were willing to give it away free they had so many trees they need to get rid of right now. Could be worth seeing if you have a local Facebook page for Free items and try posting on there?
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  • Thanks, @Slinky, I'd already tried that - no luck. The £30 per metre-cubed chap is delivering tomorrow; it's the best I could find, and I just need to get on with the job now.
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