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Long story short is husuband and I are selling our house in England and movie to Glasgow. Due to the Scottish system we plan to rent an AirBnB for a few months whilst we look and complete on a house in Glasgow. The prices are pretty crazy with average of £2000 a month for a 1 bed. Also issue is we have 2 burmese house cats and most places say no pets.

I was going to message a couple of the Owners and see if they would accept the cats if we paid a deposit. Also to say if we could have a better discount if we paid for 3 months in advance and would not expect any refund if we moved out in 2 etc, due to quick completition. Just wondering if anyone else had tried this or if any owners have suggestions of best way to approach this. We had thought of renting but who would want us for such a short time and we don't feel comfortable lying to landlords.


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    There’s no harm in asking - but it’s more likely to be agreeable to the owners in low season - not high season summer holidays when they can charge a premium and probably already having bookings to honour. Oct / Nov time when the property may be empty - an owner may consider a long term booking at a reduced rate - also try Sykes cottages- also National Trust rent out some properties . Look for a new listing and you’ll stand more chance that they haven’t already got bookings for this year. 
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    Scottish housing law is very different from England's.  You can rent a house in Scotland and have security of tenure long term apart from a few exceptions such as the landlord wanting to sell the house.  The tenant can give notice (I think it is 28 days) at any point during the tenancy as there is no minimum term.
    You could rent conventionally, rather than expensively go to AirBnB, but it is probably best not to tell prospective landlords how short term you intend your stay to be!
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    AirB&B is expensive mechanism to rent, when we've gone away for extended periods we may book the first week or so in theirs but then sort out the longer term rent outside of the site... in one occasion the owner of the AirB&B agreed a 3 month rental outside of the app after the initial week with a very substantial discount from the monthly rate online... obviously lack protections etc but its a risk we were willing to take and it paid off.

    Certainly check out the rules on normal rents in Scotland as you're probably much better off taking a longer rent and serving notice early.
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