Tesco Clubcard Prices & Scan As You Shop - Software Bug Impacting Prices?

I just wanted to flag a problem I experienced at Tesco on 18-Feb-2022 when using Scan as you Shop, with Tesco Clubcard & Prices, resulting in an increased bill problem.
  1. It was a fairly small shopping trip, just topping up some items, scanning as I went along.
  2. Using the Scan as you Shop hand-set, you can see the running total of the purchases, including any Tesco Clubcard discounts. 
  3. The tally was just over £18, by the time I arrived at the self-service check-out area.
  4. I scanned the code on the till to transfer the shopping information (OK so far)
  5. I was then chosen for a random scan check. So the attendee came along, scanned several items and says everything is OK and left again.
  6. HOWEVER, the total price for the shopping on the till had jumped from £18 odds to £20.08 . Something definitely NOT right! Specifically it looked as if the Clubcard discount prices had been lost.
  7. I paid the bill, and then queried it with the Tesco staff member, who directed me to go to Customer Services
  8. So I explained all this again to Customer Services - who brought up the details AND refunded me £1.85, which appears to be the Clubcard discounts which were omitted.
Now I spotted this ONLY because it was a small shop AND because the amount had changed from UNDER £20 to OVER £20

I suspect that the majority of people would not have picked this up in other circumstances (e.g. a bigger shop), so clearly customers are likely getting overcharged by what I can only suspect is a software problem with Tesco.

Whilst the customer services person said she would speak to the Duty Manager, I just wanted to ensure that this was definitely addressed to avoid others being caught out in the same way.

So I had to ring Tesco's central customer services twice, just to get to speak to anyone about this. They said they would raise it, BUT would not come back to me on this issue as it wasn't their policy. My concern is that if they didn't know they had an issue already, how could I be sure they would take this seriously to get it fixed?  

SO, if you're using Tesco Scan as you Go... just check your bill doesn't mysteriously increase also at the till, and lets hope that Tesco get this sorted ASAP.


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    Well, I did a scan-as-you-go shop today and just checked the receipt. 
    The CC prices are discounted off each item in the list, but then not discounted off the total initially. 
    They then add back in as a discount above the amount paid by card, so it sort of presents as a total with an amount paid by CC prices followed by the amount paid by the VISA card.  Kind of similar as paying some by cash and then the rest by VISA, except the "cash" line is actually showing as "CC prices".
    An odd way of showing this, but the CC prices were there and honoured.
  • payless
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    Some self scan  tills require you to rescan your club card (  a warning note comes up) easy yo miss after the hassle of a random scan check
    Any posts on here are for information and discussion purposes only and shouldn't be seen as (financial) advice.
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