Severn Trent 9.5% increase!

in Water bills
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    morhen said:
    Swipe said:
    casjen said:
    I have a metered supply. I can't remember ever receiving any separate notification of increases. All I've received in the past is the next year's Direct Debit payments schedule(£9.05/month) which possibly includes any price rises. Currently paying £1.54/m3 for water, 98.3p/m3 waste water, 15p/day for surface water drainage.
    Thinking of getting a meter after this increase...arnt there standing charges?
    There are standing charges on my STWater metered bill

    And on mine!  First time I am looking at a water bill and I have to pay standing charge for both fresh water and waste water??  Also, why are they charging the same amount of "usage" for fresh water and waste water?  If I water the garden, the water isn't going to become waste water etc, so how do they get away with charging the same "usage" for fresh water and waste water?

    They make an allowance of 10% for waste water for evaporation and gardening; i.e if the cost should be, say, £2/m3 for waste water they will charge £1.80. if you use more than 10% of your water supply on the garden you can get an approved meter on the outside tap and reduce your bill. However it is a lot of fuss and rarely worth getting one.
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