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A few weeks ago I received a call from an Aldershot number from a man who introduced himself as from Capquest, and proposed to "ask some security questions". I replied that since I didn't know him or Capquest from Adam, it should be me who's asking him the security questions. I cut the call and blocked the number. It appears that Capquest are some sort of debt collection agency with a rather unsavory reputation.

Since then, I've received an email from Capquest asking me to log in to "my account" and view a document. I didn't open the mail and blocked the sender.

I've checked on Experian and my file is clean, no missed payments, no bad debts or CCJ's and nothing which mentions Capquest. I have two ongoing loans, one of which will be fully paid up next week, no credit cards and a credit score of 944.

The only reason I can think of them chasing me dates back to 2013, when I left the UAE and a credit card debt behind.

I really don't want to get involved with these people, but likewise don't want to just ignore it if it's likely to affect my credit record.


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    Keep an eye on your credit reports - the three major ones

    Post on the debt-free wannabe board if you get an old-fashioned letter through the post.

  • Grzzz said:

    I've checked on Experian and my file is clean, no missed payments, no bad debts or CCJ's and nothing which mentions Capquest. 

    Remember to check all your credit files, not just Experian.
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    While the UK laws say 6 years is the limit, it's not impossible UAE have different laws. The lender may have sold the debt to CapQuest who are trying to claim it. It might be one of these situations where ignoring it isn't the best idea, but rather denying the debt, sending the prove it letter, and/or using statute barred letter to stop them might help as they could end up doing more if they think they have a chance of getting the debt and are able to enforce it.
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