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I’m looking for advice about removing something off my credit report. 
Basically I had a pay day loan from Sunny Loans 5 years ago, defaulted. 
Since then Sunny/Elevate have paid me a small compensation as it was ‘mis sold’ I was also told it would be removed off my credit report. As people will know 5 years is a long time and financially I am now in an excellent position and want to start the process of buying my own home, my score is good across all the CRA but this default by Elevate/Sunny could cause me a problem.
Is there an independent regulator I can get in touch with and show the email off Elevate/Sunny which proves it should come off my credit report? The default didn’t actually register till 2018 so still another 2 years to wait for it to disappear naturally. 



  • Dispute it with the CRA(s) in question.  Don't worry about the scores you see - they're just provided for fun. You need the data to be correct.

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    Your not on your own here, a great deal of folk have had similar problems -

    Source Debt Camel.

    "In January 2021 people were still saying their credit records weren’t correct. Some people had loans deleted then added back again.

    Experian seems to be sorting things out but not Equifax or TransUnion. But you need to check all three CRAs to be sure what has happened to your data.

    If you think Sunny hasn’t corrected yours properly then it’s no use asking the administrators. They say:

    We have transferred the control of maintaining any remaining records to the credit rating agencies, as we will not be maintaining these records going forward. Any further queries regarding entries on customers’ credit files in relation to ECIL loans should be raised with the relevant agency directly.

    So many people have been asking how to do this that I have written a separate article on it: How to correct your credit record if the lender has gone under."

    Ex MSE Board Guide.

    More than a third of IVA`s fail....fact.
    Could A Debt Relief Order help you ?
    Never pay a fee for a Debt Management Plan.
    For free non-judgemental debt advice, contact either : Stepchange, National Debtline, or CitizensAdviceBureaux.
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