Ever benefitted from a 'coupon fairy' who leaves coupons tucked by products in supermarkets?

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I've been reading about one of our Forumites who's in the habit of tucking coupons next to the relevant product on supermarket shelves, ready for someone to find and use.

It's an ace idea and I wondered: does anybody else does this?

Or have you ever benefitted from it yourself? Ever spied a coupon left besides the corresponding product?


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    I leave coupons too!  Sometimes I have given away coupons for £X amount off a £X amount shop when I know I won't spend anywhere near that amount.  Sadly, some people are really suspicious - though most are grateful.
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    I regularly take vouchers back to the supermarket and tuck the edge into the shelf edge label holder, next to the product.  I receive a stream of vouchers at the till, often something branded that I don’t buy.  I hope that someone else is able to use them - and it still means the supermarket gains a sale.  I have also returned to shops (the next time I need to shop) with those cards kids collect and swap to create full collections.

    If I shop in a store for which I don’t have a loyalty card, I always ask the customers behind me whether they would like to collect the points from my shop by swiping their own loyalty card.

    I don’t use coffee shops but I like the idea of paying for the order of the customer behind me - pay it forward.  Anything to share a smile and raise some community spirit. 
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    I have left till spits at the self-service before, not sure if they have been used or thrown away by the worker though and I have also picked up a few left.

    As for the 'pass it on' leftover car park tickets, one time I did stick a leftover ticket to the pay machine, but technically they are 'not transferable'.so I won't do that now and as stated above a lot of machines now require you to input your reg.

    There is a board about random acts of kindness if people want to view that.

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