Following advice on the forum, I rang Virgin cancellation department. I got 25 minutes of ear-splitting dissuasive music and then the call was terminated without warning. Very disappointing service from Virgin.


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    One reason I am completely intransigent about waiting more than 5 mins to get through to someone by phone.

    On one occasion I ended up cancelling my motor insurance by simply ignoring them. What happened was they wanted to auto-renew my policy at an inflated price. A substantially inflated price so I emailed them to say I did not want to renew with them. They (forgot the company name) then replied saying I could only cancel by phoning them. Tried phoning them but after the usual "press one for this, press 3 for that" and the annoying music I thought "*&*$ it!" My card details I used to purchase insurance with them had expired so I just ignored them. Even though I was insured elsewhere, they apparently kept my insurance going for about two weeks before they cancelled it and then had the audacity to ask for me for updated bank details and to pay them for the 2 weeks. I ignored them and they went away. SCREW THEM! They already had it written down that I didn't want their service.
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    Signed up 28th February for Virgin Broadband, rec'd installation date 16th March, which was inconvenient so it was changed to 21st March. Engineer installed pavement box with flip lid and presumably T junction on 19th March. Saw Martin's deal so rang on the 20th to swap to the new deal at £17.99 per month. On Monday 21st March engineer arrived, not able to do home installation, no cable to the property. Cable pull rescheduled four times since then all have been missed. Home installation was supposed to take place on April 5th, it was then cancelled by telephone. Spoke to customer services and was told there was a blockage. When I asked what that meant I was given no further information, so I asked if that meant a tree root or a vehicle in the way. It was explained to me that cable pulls take place using a subcontractor and no information given. Now date given as Saturday 8th April for cable pull and home installation on 16th April. We are pensioners and have now been without broadband since 21st March and yet Virgin does not seem to care at all. I wonder if it will actually happen on Saturday?
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