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Hi guys
I bought the Houghton Glamour Sofa after trying it out at my local Leicester NEXT store and loving it.  It seemed very comfy in store, and looked AMAZING.  I then went online and bought x2 of them costing £3.000.00 for the lot on my credit card..  I bought them 2nd March 2021, and they were delivered 2 months later in May 2021.  The advert online states "TEN YEAR GUARANTEE!!".  After about 2 months the cushions (you sit on) where your bum sits,  began SAGGING big-time!!  (I am only a 12.5 stone man). 

So after "Re-plumping" them ever day, in about October I finally complained to NEXT officially via Email as was sick of having to "Re-Plump" up the sofa's every time they were sat on.  (It is a really HEAVY laborious JOB to have to do EVERY SINGLE DAY)...  Wears me out.  And now I am starting to get back-ache and RSI every time I sit on them, as have to sit at an angle to get comfy (Due to the extreme sag).

Next sent out an "Official" who did a "Report",  I can supply that if anyone wants.  He basically said that I just have to keep on "Re-Dressing" the sofa's each day, and in the report it says "Customer Not Re-Dressing his sofa's enough".

I have reported this to TRUSTPILOT and given NEXT a "One Star" review, and NEXT have offered to "RE-STUFF" the sofa's but not with Memory Foam, (as I asked).    I specifically said I wanted "MEMORY FOAM" (Or else I want my Money Back),  but they are refusing.   

Anyway... Below is a pic of HOW the sofa's look in On-Line... And how mine looks today... I re-plumped it up this morning.


Are they are fit for purpose?   They hurt my back, even with re-plumping

Do I go ahead and LET NEXT re-stuff them with "God Knows What?"  -  as TRUST has gone out of the window - or do I maintain that I want a full refund?  I had to FIGHT like crazy for them to even AGREE to re-stuffing them,  because the FIRST Email said "There is nothing wrong with them"....  It was ONLY when I posted a review to TRUSTPILOT that I got an Email back from NEXT saying " we have spoken to a Manager -- and he says he has agreed to get them re-stuffed -- but NOT with memory foam"..,,,  

Thank you in advance SO MUCH for your help  :)  

Edit - -
Sorry, I have deleted the "Mock Up" pictures, due to attacks against me by people on this site. 

And the reason I waited so long to complain was because I thought that "daily re-plumping" would work.  But no -- its does not work.   I truly wanted to "carry on" and "Persist" without going down the route of complaining. That what the delay was.  And also, it maintained its shape for the first 3 months. 



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    OP buys 2 settees in March with a 10 year warranty. OP has not stated what the warranty actually  covers. 
    Delivered in May, after two months (July?))they start sagging.
    He leaves it till October to make a formal complaint. 
    Next sent out someone to inspect who said OP needs to re-dress the settee every day. OP says this and sitting on it gives him backache and RSI.
    Next have offered to restuff the settee but not with the memory foam the OP wants. 
    OP wants memory foam or a refund and considers he has this right because he complained within 12 months. 

    Have I missed anything? 

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    I need a lie down after trying to read that, preferably on a comfy sofa.  
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    I sold this type of furniture a few years ago, always made it clear to customers they are high maintenance and you need to reshape the cushions daily, best way to do this is to bounce them against the floor but it needs doing everyday.

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    Why do you think you are entitled to memory foam? It was never supplied with it in the first place. If Next are offering to repair and put it back to how it was on day one then that sounds fine. 

    Also how have you managed to destroy that cushion so badly? I’ve never seen a sofa base cushion go that bad so I think there is something with the way you are sitting or moving on it. How log. Do you sit on it for each day?
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    Your picture looks like you are not turning the cushion around enough.

    We have 2 dogs who like to sit on the back of the sofa right where the 2 back cushions join, they slowly sink down, due to filling being squashed down. That is how they look after a couple of days. Take cushions off walk on them to get stuffing back where it belongs and they are good to go again. This is a 6 year old settee from Sofology. 

    Not sure how you get RSI from sitting on a sofa, unless it has something to do with the dumbell or laptop in picture?
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    I'm quite surprised by some of the replies.

    The OP has spent £3000 on sofas that are clearly cr*p! If I'd bought a cheap sofa then fair enough I'd expect some sagging in the cushion, but to look like that having only plumped it up that morning I'd be really p*ssed off! 

    I would accept their offer of re-filling the cushions. Don't go demanding memory foam as that makes you look petty. Make it clear to Next that this is their opportunity to repair (under the Consumer Rights Act 2015) what are clearly faulty cushions, so if their fix doesn't work you will be rejecting them.

    A sofa is designed to be sat on. It should NOT look like that after being sat on! A small amount of cushion plumping every now and then is acceptable, but for a £3000 sofa that is ridiculous.

    ps - remove the words "liar" from your poster thing. It would be much more credible without it. The 10 year guarantee covers the frame only by the way... I'd also remove the bit about them not keeping promises then post it on their own Facebook page.
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    I agree 100% with pinkshoes above.

    That sofa is clearly not fit for purpose.  No cushions should look like that no matter what "normal" use they've had.  And the suggestion that the OP should need to plump the cushions more regularly - or that they aren't plumping them at all - are utterly ludicrous

    As pinkshoes says, accept Next's offer but make it clear that it is their one and only chance to fix it under the Consumer Rights Act.

    Whether the OP is within or without the 6 months timeframe is not clear to me.  Delivered in May, complained in October?

    (Off topic perhaps, but I'll offer this further advice to the OP.  I suffer from a bad back - for over 40 years now - and I pay particular attention to what I'm getting when I buy furniture.  I would never buy anything that featured cushions that need replumping as they are never going to provide the necessary support.  Only buy firm and supportive armchairs and sofas that are sprung and include foam.  Never buy anything that features loose cushions that aren't an integral part of the chair/sofa.  Go for something like a chesterfield type sofa or the old "Grosvenor" furniture that you could get from Multiyork before they went bust.  Like this image:  

    $_86.JPG (1024×768) (

    [Edit:  But what is the point of memory foam?  You want something that is a "blank page" every time you sit on it.  Not something that encourages you to sit the same way each time.  If you have a bad back, I can't imagine anything worse!]
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    I would agree with the OP - whatever the ins and outs of the matter, the sofa is clearly not fit for purpose.

    Accept Next's offer for a repair.
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