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Can I have a wind turbine on my end of terrace?



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    Here are a couple of zoomable maps if anyone wants to explore:
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    QrizB said:
    Here are a couple of zoomable maps if anyone wants to explore:

    These sort of maps are far too coarse to cope with complex urban terrain.

    I remember this study from about a decade ago looking at domestic (building mounted) wind installs. The technology (and physics!) hasn't changed that much but here is an extract of the conclusion.

    "The average energy generated per turbine per day across the sample set has been 214 Wh (including times when turbines were switched off for maintenance or due to failures). This is equivalent to an average of 78 kWh of energy produced per site per year and an average capacity factor of 0.85%....The poorest site generated an average of 41Wh per day when in operation or 15 kWh per year, which is less than the energy it consumed to run the turbine’s electronics."

    So very very poor results Wind Trials Report.pdf

    Yes you might get slightly better results for a small turbine at the bottom of the garden, but 100ft isn't that far in turbine terms so you will probably royally !!!!!! of your neighbours. If you want more on site generation much easier to maximise solar - if the roof is full could you put some ground mount in the garden?

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