Need advice re: flight change with KLM & Last

My husband & I originally booked a flight & hotel with for the 20/08/20 - 24/08/20. We could not go due to coronavirus so we sadly lost our hotel money but KLM kindly rearranged our flights to March 2021. As coronavirus was still ongoing and we were in lockdown KLM once again rearranged our flights to Feb 2022 and we also paid an admin fee of £110.96. As Holland is in lockdown & due to other issues we requested KLM to change our flights to August 2022 and were willing to pay another admin fee. KLM said that they cannot change our flight as originally we booked our tickets with an external travel agency and we would need to contact even though KLM have previously changed flights before and have charged admin fee to do this. We contacted and they have said it should be KLM responsible as they have no details of this flight for 2022 showing on their system so it is not possible to manage that ticket anymore or even consider a refund. I would appreciate any advice on the next step to take.   Thanks


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    As the flights are going ahead there is no automatic right in law to change your flights .Whether you will be permitted to do so for a third time will be down to KLM’s T&Cs .

    Hopefully you still have the e-mails from KLM -when you changed the flights the first time and for the second time (when you paid the extra admin fee ). These will contain any T&Cs attached to the flight changes ( such as how many times you can re-schedule the flights or if there is a time limit on when you can do this ) .

    If you are not entitled to a refund/ reschedule from KLM you may be able to claim on your travel insurance ( again you will need to check your policy to see if you are covered )
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    I think in this instance LM are actually correct. It sound like KLM made the 2nd (or is it 3rd) change so very likely LM have no record of this booking or even class you now as their customer for this latest and current Feb 22 reservation.

    I suspect it will all come down to the KLM T&C’s.  It sounds like they have been very flexible and generous so far but I guess at some point that flexibility will have to end.  Airlines will be looking to get back to some normality and revert to the fare conditions initially booked.

    It might be worth calling again and seeing if you get a different response from another KLM agent. 
    If that fails you might have to just except the end of the goodwill and hope that the Dutch government ease the entry requirements prior to your trip.
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