Kindest money-related act of kindness of 2021?

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What's the most notable random act of kindness (money-related) you experienced in 2021?

It could be something someone did for you, something you witnessed happening, or something you did yourself.

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    I was behind a bloke at a petrol station desk a few years ago and his card wouldn’t work. He was starting to get really stressed, trying one card after another. It wasn’t a big spend so I stepped forward and paid it myself. He was so grateful 😊 and a bit embarrassed. He asked for my number so he could pay me back. I said that he could just pay it forward to help someone else but he insisted. I gave it to him not expecting to hear any more. But had a text that evening asking for my PayPal details and he paid it straight in 😊

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    Some kind person creating a free widget to block websites - all the takeaway ones are now blocked!
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    A couple of weeks before Christmas last, my daughter received what to us was a large sum of money from her dad (we've been divorced for years) who lives overseas.  She said she intended to give me some and when I checked my bank account, she had deposited half of the money he'd sent for her.

    Although things aren't as bad for us now, she and I really struggled in the past and I was really touched that, without any hesitation, she just split her gift down the middle. 

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    Thursday on the bus home there was elderly lady who was very confused and was trying to pay with a hairdressers appointment card - she did not have her bus pass on her and was not sure how she got into town in the first place. The bus driver told her if she didn't have her pass she would have to pay, she had no money or bank cards on her. It was dark and she was quite vulnerable I offered to pay her fare but the bus driver would not let me and let her on the bus anyway. 
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    Many many years ago I worked in the box office of a theatre.

    A lady came to buy tickets to a concert and was 10 pence short so of course I paid it for her.  This probably wouldn't be allowed today.  I assured her that there was no need to return it but she did the next day.  With a bunch of flowers from her garden.  I will never forget that.
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