Twins going to university

Is there any consideration taken on parent contribution when you have twins going to uni


  • annabanana82
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    I've been wondering this myself, it looks like I'm going to have 3 dependents at uni crossing over in a couple of years time. 

    I think there must be some underlying calculations that take account of other commitments on the wage earners income. 
    For what it's worth my Husband gets more than the calculator suggests - I assume this is down to me having 3 other dependents.

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  • kaMelo
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    In the case of twins or indeed siblings applying for student finance in the same year then yes this is taken into account.
    The calculations use household income to determine an expected parental contribution. If there is then the maximum maintenance loan available according to their circumstances is reduced accordingly.
    If there is more than one person applying from student finance from the same household then any expected parental contribution amount is effectively shared between them, resulting in an increased maintenance loan, subject to the maximum/minimum amounts.

    @annabanana82. Your situation is somewhat more complicated as I'm assuming, forgive me if I'm wrong on either/both points, not all dependents in your household are joint and there is no "expected parental contribution" as such. There are some disregards allowed for in the calculation according to your specific situation. 
  • annabanana82
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    As an update we've now had two lots of maintenance loans applied for the next academic year. 

    My husband put his in first and was initially awarded £9400, my Son then did his a few weeks after, this triggered a recalculation and my Husband's maintenance loan increased by £900. 
    My Son was awarded £9300 which was around £1000 more than the calculator suggested.

    I know Student Finance isn't great, but I certainly feel grateful for it as I'd never be able to afford to support my children through uni without it
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  • Spendless
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    My son is in his final year of degree. When daughter was going to start a degree last year (changed her mind last min) both were only going to receive the min loan. There must be some point in household finances  where the expected  parental contribution isn't shared between the student children
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