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My easy jet flight to France went ahead but due to Frances COVID restrictions I was unable to enter. How do I go about getting a refund? There was no way I could change my flight or speak to them. This is the second time this has happened as the first time I had to cancel due to bereavement. How do I actually speak to a human or is it worth even chasing it up? Thanks for any advice.


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    I suspect you don't, as the flight still went ahead.  

    Maybe one for your travel insurance, if it covers this scenario.
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    you'd need to check the t&c's of the booking to see if there's any Covid related notes. But I doubt there will be any so sounds like an insurance claim - assuming your insurance covers Covid related scenarios (more specifically yours!)
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    I would agree with the others. This would be best directed as a travel insurance claim should you have policy cover for such an eventuality. 
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    I echo the above advice- although I am surprised Easyjet didn't allow you to just log in and change the dates- I have been changing mine all over the place - in fact I shall miss being able to do that once the current system ends.
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    There was no way I could change my flight or speak to them.
    What do you mean by this, can you clarify please ? 

    Easyjet offer 3 ways that you can change you flights right up to 2 hours before the flight departure time
    •via the Easyjet website ( manage my booking )
    •by phone or
    at the airport,

    Which did you try, when, what went wrong ? 
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    France certainly did not ban you from changing your booking or contacting Easyjet. 
    You will be listed as a no show.
    To answer your question, you speak to a human by using the telephone.
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