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Sainsbury's Bank wrongly charges credit card customers late payment fees

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Sainsbury’s Bank has apologised after credit card customers were charged late payment fees despite making their monthly payments on time.

Read the full story:

Sainsbury's Bank wrongly charges credit card customers late payment fees

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  • YorkBrucieYorkBrucie Forumite
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    Got excited when I saw this morning that Sainsburys had put £12 credit in my credit card account.  Only when finding your post I realised they had also taken £12 off me for a "late payment"  Easy come, easy go eh?
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    Another one of the "small number of customers" affected.
    I noticed the fee on 5 Jan so contacted them to ask what was going on. Recent transactions showed the payment received on 3 Jan and the late payment fee added on 4 Jan.

    I received a reply on 7 Jan to say that it had been sorted.  My statement shows a credit for the erroneous fee but then also shows a 'Notice of Default Sums' as required under CCA 1974.  Not impressed that the fee is still showing on the account and have little faith that the alleged missed payment will not follow through to credit files.
  • Are you viewing real-time reports, or the free ones?

    They will normally be corrected in the monthly feed from the lender and you'll then see it the next time you get a refreshed report - which could be a further month.
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