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On 12.12.21 I was told by ExpressTest that my refund of £100 will be processed in the next 3-5 working days. I have still not received the refund into my account. I have chased them via email and telephone but nobody can give me a straight answer as to why the refund has not been processed in this time frame. Any advice would be great please


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    Why are you due a refund?
    How did you pay?
    How many tests/people does it cover? 

    Assuming its a breach of contract type situation and not a guesture of goodwill you could look at a chargeback (or maybe s75 depending on the answer to the above)
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    Maybe some delays over the Christmas holidays / staff shortages due to Covid . I would give them until the 12th Jan ( to demonstrate  that you have allowed reasonable time for them to process the refund )  and then contact you bank for a chargeback. 

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