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I tried to contact Age UK for help with small jobs around my house.  I am 80 yrs old and my house is very draughty.  I cannot kneel down anymore, and struggle with my hips, to do the repairs myself.  I was hoping that I could get someone to come in to put some draught excluder around my doors but, when I asked about it, they told me that they don't do anything like that.  My kitchen is freezing and I am worried about opening the door to my hallway because that is even colder.  Can anyone suggest anywhere else to try?  Also, can Martin's website be updated as they don't do this service anymore?


  • Ms_Chocaholic
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    Do you own your home or is it a local authority property?
    Could you find a handyperson in your area who may be able to do odd jobs for you - maybe ask friends or neighbours who they use?
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    I think the Age UK Handyperson Service may be provided locally, so it is only available in certain areas. 

    If friends and neighbours don't have a handyperson that they use, you might ask at any Letting Agency. Letting Agencies usually have a handyperson on file for repairs that need doing at the properties they manage. 

    You should also check your local council as many have a Handyperson service you can access if you meet certain criteria and age is often one of them. 
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    You need to contact your local authority and ask what help they can give as it varies.
    You may also qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) to carry out essential modifications and repairs to help you stay in your home.
  • Can I suggest you join groups on the internet ie neighbourhood even a local face book group. You can then ask for suggestions from people in similar circumstances. I am elderly and like yourself have small jobs I can no longer do. I have found several handymen/women this way. I type in handyman in search box it then gives you all posts, Need to ensure they have been recommended several times and work done explained. I know it may seem there is a risk involved but I have only had excellent workmen.
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    You may be able to find a "care and repair" service in your area. What they do varies from area to area but generally they support the elderly and disabled with advice and help with minor repairs etc. Draught excluders are the sort of thing they might do, and changing of light bulbs is another example. Google "Care and repair" and the name of your local authority/area and hopefully there will be something. 
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    Yes Care and Repair would be my suggestion. suggestion too. My local one is going to fit my new smoke and heat detectors. 
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    Not all areas have Care and Repair unfortunately.., not surprised to find my area has nothing along those lines.
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