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2021 worst winning year?



  • Ms_DeeMs_Dee Forumite
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    lilbooboo said:
    Ms_Dee said:
    More people tend to be entering, whether it is to try and help their finance or because they are having to spend more time at home. The pandemic has a lot to do with it I think, less people being able to afford to give away bigger competition prizes and more people entering.

    My worse year was actually 2020, worse than my first year of comping, I didn't even reach £250 worth.
    I've been fairly lucky, I've won at least one prize every month from April 2016-Dec 2021 apart from Sept 19 and Aug 20.
    I do enter for quite a few different things, as I have so many children I can enter for - from babies to late teens, a variety of animals and other people I can provide for too, so I do have a fair amount of small wins, most of mine probably usually up to £25 each, but I do have the occasional bigger win, which for 2021 was £327.47.

    I ended 2021 with 56 prizes for the year with a total of: £1313.13 worth of prizes and vouchers and an additional £42.96 cash.

    wow that's a brilliant amount of wins :) I tend to go for smaller prizes - i just like entering comps that offer books, candles, toys, chocolates etc as prizes - i'm not interested in the holidays, tickets, etc comps. I enter rafflecopter/gleam, Twitter and fb ones but never Instagram - i don't have an account, so if wins are easier to come by on these comps that could be where I'm missing out? Anyway, got my fingers crossed for a better year this year. :)
    12 of them were from Instagram, but some of them were probably on Facebook and/or Twitter too, because often companies share them over all their social media channels. But there are a lot of Instagram only competitions in general, the trouble is they seem to be banning so many people (Instagram themselves, not the individual companies) but if you wanted to join, there are a lot of us that would probably follow each other and tag one another, there is a thread for sharing our usernames, I'd be more than happy to follow you, just let me know :smile: 

    I must say, I do love a Gleam, not many people seem to enjoy them though :lol: 

    On the topic of where the wins come from, it was pretty evenly split with Web/Gleam/RC/FB and Instagram.

    Best of luck!
    Thank you to everyone who posts competitions and good luck to everyone who enters.
  • rosalyn129rosalyn129 Forumite
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    I got fewer wins last year than usual but did luckily get a couple of smallish ones. What surprised me most was I entered more Advents than ever before and only won a bauble from McDonalds. 

    Gone are the days of me winning lots of prizes each month, with usually one bigger win of around £100 - £500 for the year. 

    "What you do today can improve all your tomorrows." - Ralph Marston

    "She that dares not venture must not complain of ill luck" - unknown
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    Deb2008Deb2008 Forumite
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    I have been comping on and off since 2010, 2021 was my worst year yet, 7 small  wins that totalled about £80 :(
    I do think there are more people entering now so less to go round so to speak :)
    2011 & 2012 - Many Fantastic Prizes - thank you to all posters 2021 7 small prizes 2022 1 small clever pots win2023
  • ScorpioangelScorpioangel Forumite
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    I have been comping since the 1970s, best number of wins I have had was 18 in 2011, but after 2012 the wins dried up almost completely; if I get 3 wins a year from 10000 different competitions it is a good year. 
    Too many people entering, too many comps with multiple entries allowed.
  • Girl_unknownGirl_unknown Forumite
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    Last year I won a bunch of small things. This year so far is going a lot better in one week I won 2 competitions one a cheque the other a 50' TV and a bunch of other stuff
    2022 wins: £100 Cash, LG 50-inch LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, with Freeview Play/Freesat HD,  LG Bluetooth All-In-One Sound Bar, Philips Hue Go 2 Colour Portable Smart Light with Bluetooth, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2021), Ultra HD Streaming Device , 12-month Amazon Prime subscription, 4 Cosy blankets,Popcorn Machine with popcorn kernels, £50 Takeaway voucher
  • JoolskiJoolski Forumite
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    I've been comping since the 70's and have won some incredible things through the years.  But now I agree with others - tons of people entering, and prizes often quite poor.  Competitions offering a cheap pack of pens for example, will still attract loads of entries. 

    I definitely think it is down to Social Media: it is so easy to enter comps now by just entering a bit of text online, so everyone enters.  Whereas back in the day, when it involved buying postcards and envelopes, then writing and posting entries, that put a lot of people off and only the hardened compers would do it regularly.

    Over the last few years I have only won a few things despite still entering loads each day ☹☹☹
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