M & S hampers enjoyment of Christmas!

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For Christmas I made an on-line purchase of two food items from Marks and Spencer (a) The Pembridge food Hamper (b) Cheesemonger Hamper. The size of the ham in the food hamper was very disappointing and bore no resemblance to the photo advertisement. With the cheese hamper whoever had packed it didso with such force (s)he smashed the base of the chutney bottle on the neck of a wine bottle. The chutney was smeared around the hamper, damaging all the contents. Whoever packed the items must have been aware. To despatch it in such a state was dangerous and irresponsible. When I came to drink the wine, removing the damaged screw-on cap it became clear that the neck had been chipped and there were shards of glass in the bottle. The idea of ordering hampers was to save the risk of going out to the shops with a resurgence of COVID as I am vulnerable due to ill-health (leukaemia).M&S refused to publish my negative, though factually accurate review. They refunded £75 but I do not believe this adequately reflects the loss, the inconvenience or the menace to health that was engendered. I would not order any food products from M&S again.


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    Both hampers have good reviews.

    According to M&S website the Cheesemonger hamper didn't contain any wine.
  • lincroft1710
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    M&S have refunded you which is all they need to do.

    Perhaps if you had not left a negative review but written saying how disappointed you were that the hampers were damaged and also did not match the advert, they may have sent you a gift voucher.
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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    I think you are mistaken about which hamper had the wine and chutney.

    Accidental damage happens and a lot of the content would be easily salvaged, a little smear of chutney easily washes off packed items.

    You identified the marginal "menace to health" but did not actually have any injury, just a very small loss of enjoyment.

    Writing a scathing review of a situation that was actually accidental damage was not the best idea, but you've had a refund which is what you are entitled to.

    Time to move on.

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    If we all got compensation for things that could have happened but didn't, we'd all be millionaires. 
    You have had a partial refund, how much did you pay in total? 
  • DCFC79
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    Queue the usual posts about you all working for M&S.
  • sheramber
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    The OP  has not logged in since posting. I think this is a rant rather than wanting advice.
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    I'm with the op on this one.

    Imagine if it had been a child that had drunk wine from what appears to be a deathtrap bottle whilst driving.

    They could have taken out a whole queue of people at a bus stop.

    Imagine then if that bus stop was outside a school.

    The carnage could be almost beyond imagination...

    Shame on M&S.
    Was it really "everybody" that was Kung Fu fighting ???
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