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I am looking to purchase a mini Mac solely to be used for GarageBand. I have seen a reconditioned 2018 mini Mac with 16gb memory and 128gb SSD. Would this be up to the job or should I ideally look for higher memory or ssd? Looking to do this on a budget hence why looking at earlier version and reconditioned but not so early that it will soon fall out of support.
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    Would have thought the more memory the better - surprising how quick you can fill it up.
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    I dont think memory is a problem, but storage may be, an external disk perhaps.
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    If you're going to buy a Mac mini for GarageBand  it's best to go for one with the M1 chip
    Apparently even the 8gb are lightning fast on Logic Pro x . 
    The M1 chip is 2020/ 21 but used ones are easy to get hold of .
    The downside is that used 8gb models are around £500 .
    I've been looking at reviews etc and they all seem very positive indeed .

    Fwiw, backin 2007 I got the only Mac I could afford at the time . I was trying to start using GarageBand but had difficulty. The new Mac mini was leopard with a disk in the box that installed snow leopard. I didn't understand gb or ram properly then , butGarageband was buggy as hell. Bear in mind the Mac had all iTunes stuff etc that I was beginning to use.
    I understand a bit more now, and if I was in your shoes I'd wait till I see an M1 Mac mini 
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