Time to start again!

Good Morning All! 

After having probably the worst 2 years of my life I have decided to do something about my debt which has been getting on top of me for far too long.  As it stands I currently owe around £29K as a result of being silly when young and Anxiety/Depression which results in me buying things to feel better and then regretting it instantly! 

I am 36 years old and I ideally want to pay this off by the time I reach 40 which is August 2025.  I also want to try and rebuild my credit score as I want to look towards buying a house in the future to leave something for my daughter! 

I hope to make little extra payments where I can. 

As current I owe the following! 

Littlewoods - £1409.15
Overdraft - £100
Family - £2000
Capital One - £214.38
Think Money - £210.19
Rent Arrears - £400
Argos Card - £444.64
Aqua - £1119.46
Vanquis - £508.06
Halifax - £2111
Barclays - £3095.75
Northridge Finance - £11261.88
DWP - £880.50
Motonovo Finance - £5502.41

Total - £29,257.42

I am hoping that clearing debt will allow me to leave a better life and help not only my mental health but also reduce my stress which will help my IBS too! 


  • Good luck @popsstar.
    Will you be posting an SOA so people can help with any suggestions on payments, etc?
    Do you know the interest rates and which you aim to pay down first? Normally the overdraft would cost the most, so might be best to start with that. 
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  • I will do an SOA later today to try and assist as best as I can.

    I don't have a clue on interest rates unfortunately.  I intend on getting rent arrears done first and then overdraft and working from there if I can.  
  • I agree with @WinterWarrior about having a look at your interest rates. It sounds daft but I feel like if I write down all the details of the debts with APRs I feel like it helps my accountability and I am owning the debts rather than the debts owning me.

    This is just an amazing place for support but critical advice. Welcome!
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