Cat poo garden hopefully sorted

I read on here you can filling empty coke bottles with water and this will keep cats away from pooing in your garden.

I'm yet to try this but have read a few people find this works.

This is my question. If the moggies stop visiting our garden in this winter time, will they remember not to return next spring when we hope to remove the bottles and things start to grow. Don't really want  the bottles hanging about then.


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    I've not heard of that method! I tend to just run out and hiss at them and after a few times you don't see the same cats... But different cats inevitably find their way here. By next spring there'll be new cats who've moved or been adopted or born so I'd look into a method you can use year round.
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    The theory is that the  reflections given off by sun shining on the bottles scares the cats.

    Good luck with that in a the British winter.

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    I 'mark my territory' and blame it on our Maine Coon.
    Would be interested as our eldest urinates on the garden, which I assume is her way. The others don't get as bothered but they're indoor.
    Wherever you go, whatever you do Richard Marx is right there waiting for you.

    Sweet dreams!
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