Grey area on travel, France via Switzerland

Hi, we were due to travel to France via Switzerland on easyJet on 24th December 2021.

With French restrictions we cannot get to our destination but since the flight can still be taken to Geneva as Switzerland travel restrictions are OK easyJet wont refund us or issue a credit note for future use.

Can i still use section 75 and try and get a refund through my Credit Card? Or what other avenues can we go down with easyJet?



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    Can you speak to them and ask if you can move the flights to a later date ? do you have travel insurance ? you cannot use section 75 as the flights are still going.
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    You can change Easyjet flights until 2 hours before departure. I had flights to France; pushed the dates back to February (in hope!) but you can book for a year and also change the destination. My new flights cost the same as the original ones, so it was a free change, but if the new ones are more expensive then you'd pay the difference.
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    @Segmant you are not entitled to a refund if the flight hasn’t been cancelled,

    EasyJet’s Travel Restriction Protection policy applies only if:
    • “there is a travel ban in place which means that travel is not allowed by law from or to the territory of departure or arrival of your flight”
    In your case the flight is departing UK and Arriving in Switzerland neither of which have a travel ban ( at the time of writing ) 

    I agree with the previous answers the option available to you is that EasyJet do allow a “fee free” change to future flight -

    you only pay extra,  if the flights you choose are more expensive- this is better than some other airlines who would not give you a refund , voucher or an opportunity to change your booking. 
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    SO, EasyJet have been amazingly helpful and extremely easy to contact. They called me back and yes, no refund or vouchers as I thought and confirmed by you all but they have waivered the fee on changing the flights. Thats £120 in total!

    So, where to now?

    Thanks everyone.
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    So am I right in thinking you deliberately booked via Switzerland to avoid the travel ban if not I apologise
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