Redundancy advice please

I was made redundant yesterday (17.12.21) following 3 months garden leave. 
I’ll only get statutory redundancy but have been there for 22 years (current age 63) so my entitlement is £16,320.
I had assumed this would be paid on my termination date but have been advised it will be paid at the end of the month (normal pay date).
Is that right? I certainly didn’t agree to this. I thought redundancy pay was compensation for loss of employment. It seems I also have to wait another two weeks before receiving my P45 which effects my ability to seek work or benefits. I’ve tried to engage with my employer but my email account has been disabled. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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    You can seek work and apply for benefits without a P45. Your new employer will know how to set you up on payroll if you haven't received your P45 before you need to be paid. 

    You can call your employer by phone and you can email them from your own personal email address, assuming you can remember the address of the person you need to contact. If you can't, I would call, ask to speak to HR, and get an email address for the HR team. 

    You should be paid yor redundancy immediately after you finish, unless a later date has been agreed. Tell HR that there was not date agreed, and you didn't agree to be paid at end of the month. However, the only action you can take will take more than two weeks, so you can't really do much about this, other than ask them to make a special payroll run just for you. If you have some good reason why you need the money that quickly, tell them. Given that the end of the month is your normal pay day, you can't argue that you have bills to pay, because you would have had those same bills at the same time if you had remained as an employee.   
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
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    Sorry to hear that you have been made redundant after so long and hope that you have come to terms with this. I was made redundant twice during my working life but luckily not in the current economic climate. Unfortunately as tacpot12 says it is very unlikely that they will process a one off payment outside of normal payroll run paricularly so close to Christmas.
    Should you be ready to start a new job you could do so without a p45 particularly as by the time your employers are ready to pay you it should be available.Yes it would be nice if the money was available before the holidays but at least you know it is coming.
  • To quote ACAS

    When you'll get paid

    Your employer should tell you when you'll get your redundancy pay – this should be on or before your final pay date.

    You and your employer can agree to a different date, which should be put in writing.

    They should also tell you how you'll get paid, for example in your monthly pay or in separate payments.

    How much redundancy pay you get: Your rights during redundancy - Acas

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    Bearing in mind there are only 7 working days until the 31st, there isn't going to be much you can do. You will still get paid on your normal pay day so you won't be out of pocket.
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    Pretty standard put it through the final pay run.

    With 3 months garden leave the job hunting should have started ages ago.

  • I'd advise you to claim benefit ie jobseekers, immediately. My husband had a larger layout after 24yrs with the company. He didn't claim jobseekers as he thought he'd find work fairly quickly and took a few months off. when redundancy and loss of notice period was calculated the redundancy service deducted a few hundred pounds equivalent to unclaimed jobseekers allowances.( he had been entitled to and  ought to have claimed in benefit. They clawed back monies he'd not claimed)
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