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Hi. I will need to be travelling to India on the 6th of January for 3 weeks on my own and I'm very worried about all this testing. When I'm travelling from the UK to India could I book a PCR test which I need to take in Delhi for my next connecting flight beforehand while I'm in the UK itself so that the process could be quicker? I don't even know if I've made any sense here but if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Have you read Entry requirements - India travel advice - GOV.UK ( first of all?

    Secondly which test are you talking about?

    1) PCR test required by Indian government prior to entry to India
    2) PCR/LatFlow test required by UK government prior to entry to UK
    3) PCR test required by UK government within 2 days of entering the UK
    4) Some other test required by someone because you've only posted part of your plans

    Secondly, where is the connecting flight to? Somewhere else in India?

    Test 1 has to be submitted online prior to you getting on the plane to India and so wont be able to be "pre booked in Delhi" but prebooked in the UK considering the timescales required for the test results to come back in time and the fact the test cannot be done more than 72 hours before your flight
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    I suspect op is referring to the test required on arrival where they have to wait at airport for results and home quarantine for 7 days (if negative)
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