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Dog & Flea problem, next steps?

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Last weekend we took the dog through the local woods and the dog did what he usually does, goes in the stream for a swim. The only way to keep him out of water would be to keep him on a lead. Its never been a problem before but I wonder of he has picked something up in the water. Since weekend he has been scratching and jumping around as if something is biting/irritating him. 

He has also been sick and had the runs for a couple of days although this has now gone. We kept him without food for 24 hours and then introduced small amounts of chicken and pasta and he is now back to his usual self apart from the scratching.

He has been treated regularly with the Bob Martins flea treatment. Yesterday I got some of the spray, treated his coat, brushed him and also changed his bedding and Iv'e washed all throws, cushions etc and treated all the surfaces, carpets, rugs and cracks with the spray. 

\Most of today he has been quite calm and behaving normally but about an hour ago he started again and seems to be being driven mad by something. He keeps turning his head and snapping at the air as if he is trying to catch something although when I look at his coat I can find nothing. He is a spaniel so has the long ears and quite a dense curly coat so its not that easy to check.

Is it a case of just persisting with the spray or is there anything more the vet would be able to give him if I ring them in the morning?

Any advice please.


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