Best way to sell wedding dress / cleaning question

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Hi there, my wife would like to sell her wedding dress. We have been selling a lot of items on ebay hut wanted some recommendations for any specialist sites where we could list this? Also would be good to know if there are places that buy second hand dresses. There are some dirty marks on it at the moment but a quote for cleaning from a long time ago was very expensive. Any recommendations on this too? We are based in Essex. Thanks


  • london21london21 Forumite
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    I use ebay or facebook marketplace for selling.
  • TBagpussTBagpuss Forumite
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    There are specialist sites for reselling wedding dresses, however as they will want to be taking their own profit you may find tat they are more expensive than e-bay even id they may have a more niche customer base.

    It's worth checking out similar dresses to see whether they are selling and at what cost to work out if it is worthwhile, once you factor in the cost of getting it properly cleaned first. 

    Bear in mind that there is typically a massive drop in value from what you pay new.

    You may do better asking on any specialist wedding forums / sites as most people are not going to have much experience or have done it more than once at the most. 

    All posts are my personal opinion, not formal advice Always get proper, professional advice (particularly about anything legal!)
  • DD265DD265 Forumite
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    There's a site called SellMyWedding but there's a £15 (one-off) sign up fee so it's probably only worth it if you're certain the dress will sell or you have other items to list as well. I did alright on there after our wedding.

    In terms of cleaning, it may be feasible to handwash the areas that need cleaning but that depends on the dress obviously.
  • noblernobler Forumite
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    I tried using a specialist site with upfront fee, assuming that would help me sell but it was a complete waste of money. I'd start with free options like Facebook and Gumtree (work out how much to post/courier with adequate insurance and include this info in advert), then try listing on eBay if no luck through those.
  • dragon21dragon21 Forumite
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    I sold mine this year on Still White. There was an initial fee and it took a while to sell but it did eventually.
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