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Every time i try to click on a post, all it does is add it to my favourites, and not open the post.  Have tried on different browsers and the same thing happens (im on an iPad).

also i tend to view forums by the ‘latest posts’ links.  Id open and read a post and then id use  the back button on my browser to take me back to the list, but for some reason the forum now refreshers/updates, so im not going back to the same place (which previously it did).  If forums are busy and theres lots of new posts, by the time i have read through a post, im pages back from where i started on the ‘latest posts’. To work around this, i would open posts i wanted to read in a  new tab, and read them later at my leisure. However if i now try to open a post in a new tab, it rejects it and opens an error screen.

any ideas on whats happening.

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