I'm just after some quick advice please.

In my younger days I was a bit silly and racked up a few debts. I ignored letters etc. and over the years they started falling off my credit report.

Lately since moving house, i've been getting alot of letters from Arrow Global and now Resolvecall who are acting on behalf of Arrow. They're trying to chase a debt and wanting me to get in touch. I've had these letters in the past etc and nothing ever happened. They've said if I don't get in touch within 7 days of the letter, they will visit the property inline with COVID19 guidelines (been threatened many times before). 

I'm aware that after six years, a debt becomes statured barred and unenforceable, providing no written contact or payments have been made. I've spent this morning searching Equifax, Experian, and MoneySavingCreditClub to see if the debts are still on my credit file. They weren't and i'm sure they haven't been for a good while.

I also checked ClearScore and it shows that ArrowGlobal and the associated Bank account was removed from my credit report in November 2021. So I assume this means the debt is older than six years?

I'm 99% sure this debt is over six years old, I have never contacted any debt collector for this debt and the only contact made was with the bank making minimum payments prior to the debt defaulting, then going to debt recovery. My question is, should I send a staturred barred letter to the Resolvecall. I know there are many templates written specifically to avoid admitting the debt is yours etc. I'm worried that if Resolvecall were able to prove the debt is under six years old, where would this leave me? I just want them to stop hassling me, i've had 4/5 letters from Arrow in the past few months. 

Many thanks 



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