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Hi all, couldn't find a thread on this topic - looking for anyone's experience of getting the promotional bill credit through from Shell Broadband.

I recently moved into a new flat and signed up to Shell Broadband as at the time it was the cheapest per month on the MSE comparison, when taking into account the £50 bill credit. It went live a few days ago and so far the service is average, speeds at the bottom end of what was advertised and the router disconnects from all devices about once an hour. Apparently it takes a week to settle in so hopefully that'll improve.

Anyway on the billing side I haven't seen any mention of the £50 since signing up, either through emails or in the online account, which I thought was a bit strange. I haven't yet received my first bill so will be checking out if it appears on there. I am already regretting not going for a more well-known provider and it really would be very disappointing if the website hasn't carried through the bill credit which was what swung it for us to go with Shell Broadband in the first place. My initial experience of their customer service has not been great, just chatbots which are mainly set up for their energy customers.

Thanks in advance


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    I don't know exactly what deal you signed up on, but when I was with Shell the offer was for the bill credit to be added after 90 days. And that's when it was added. Could your deal be similar?
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    As QrizB says it is applied after 90 days or thereabouts,Shell BB is basically Talk Talk,Always had quick replies when i have contacted them even  phone  calls of them,i am just moving from them at the moment but only because i have got a better deal elsewhere.

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    We signed up to them a year ago when there was £75 bill credit on offer and that was applied bang on time with no hassle. 
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