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Dcbl - Final Reminder

Hi Guys,

After some proper advice here as I’m slightly scared.

I have received my Final Reminder from DCBL on behalf of Excel Parking Services. The amount is £1280 and increasing weekly. 

I started a job at Pryzm Watford and was explicitly told by the manager that I could park in Iceland Watford as the land/ car park is shared. Cut to the chase now and it appears me and all my colleagues are getting back dated parking tickets from Excel since July 2017. (Some bowed down to the scare tactics and set up payment plans but I won’t do this) 

We have spoke to our company who say there is no record of a contract with Iceland Watford and now there is nothing we can do but pay them.

I don’t feel this is justified and wanted advice on how I can fight this if it gets to “Letter before Claim” stage 

each PCN is £100 with an inflated £60 debt collection fee.

If I were to send a SAR request to Excel and request copies of each offence etc, would this demonstrate I’m not willing to back down and stop this junk mail? Have Excel pursued these claims in court with DCBLegal to anyone’s knowledge? 

I have screenshots from the manager expressing I could park there and to ignore all subsequent PCNs and the company will cancel but this hasn’t washed well with the company, I have also left the job now following Covid which adds more complexity 

Any advice or assistance is greatly appreciated 


  • Coupon-mad
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     Have Excel pursued these claims in court with DCBLegal to anyone’s knowledge? 
    No, they either run their own court claims or use Elms Legal. 

    But yes they file claims.  Well worth defending but no need to respond to DCB Ltd at all and certainly no-one should be setting up payment plans, flipping heck what are some people like?  If you get a LBC from Excel, or Elms or any solicitor then you respond, as per the NEWBIES thread. 

    And if you move house, you must tell Excel to erase the old address because you must never leave a PPC with an old address to sneakily file a claim behind your back and get a default CCJ.  Apart of that, sit tight till LBC. 

    Keep ALL letters and if you don't have the original PCNs then you must email a SAR to Excel's DPO (again, see NEWBIES thread for how).  You want to see their photos, evidence, and all letters - all data held about you/the car.

    I have screenshots from the manager expressing I could park there and to ignore all subsequent PCNs.
    Sounds like you have a valid claim against that company, as the Manager was speaking on behalf of your erstwhile employer and has caused your potential loss.  Same with your colleagues who set up payment plans.  This is caused by the employer.

    Can you show us the place on Google StreetView please?  Are the car parks joined?
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    Here is the entrance to Iceland's car park...

    Pryzm nightclub entrance is to the left beyond Iceland.
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    now there is nothing we can do but pay them.  ...   each PCN is £100 with an inflated £60 debt collection fee.

    No you can figt them, let them take thes, te to court where a judge is likelty to rcognise the scam and dismiss their claim.  It is all explained in the newbies.  Furthermore, they have added what appears to be an extra unlawful amount for debt collection. Judges have dismissed an entire claim because of this. Read this and complain to your MP.

    Excel v Wilkinson

    At the Bradford County Court, District Judge Claire Jackson (now HHJ Jackson, a Specialist Civil Circuit Judge) decided to hear a 'test case' a few months ago, where £60 had been added to a parking charge despite Judges up and down the country repeatedly disallowing that sum and warning parking firms not to waste court time with such spurious claims.   That case was Excel v Wilkinson: G4QZ465V, heard in July 2020 and leave to appeal was refused and that route was not pursued.  The Judge concluded that such claims are proceedings with 'an improper collateral purpose'.   This Judge - and others who have since copied her words and struck dozens of cases out in late 2020 and into 2021 - went into significant detail and concluded that parking operators (such as this Claimant) are seeking to circumvent CPR 27.14 as well as breaching the Consumer Rights Act 2015.   DJ Hickinbottom has recently struck more cases out in that court area, stating: ''I find that striking out this claim is the only appropriate manner in which the disapproval of the court can be shown''.
    Also read this
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