The Great WarmFront Scheme or Scam ? Still NOT accountable

Hi All !

Martin, you really need to do something about Warmfront on your next TV Show as not only are there so many complaints, but safety is being compromised and Building Regulations/ Gas Safe Regulations ignored which is illegal. I spotted this older thread after searching for details on how to make a complaint about Warmfront and highlight some irregularities. 

After all this time, Warmfront is still not accountable and nothing has changed.  I asked them for information on their complaint procedure and the name of a person to contact.  Sadly I was sent a very offensive, inappropriate and childish email by a member of staff using the name "Carlo", he refused to give his full name.  It stated that I should take my business elsewhere if I wasn't satisified and could complain to whoever I wanted, also that he is not sending any more replies to me.  Completely unacceptable behaviour and still unaccountable!  If he addresses me this way, imagine how he treats his vulnerable customers.

A Grant Application was made for a vulnerable 85 year old and the fist company contacted were Effective Homes.  They sent a man out to complete a survey.  He left a form to sign, asked for a payment of £1525 at a later date and something wasn't quite right, so I questioned it and was ignored for 2 weeks.  I kept getting text messages and emails telling me to have the form signed and to return it.  Unfortunately for Warmfront I have a background in various jobs and I am qualified in Health & Safety, Law, Electrical Installation etc.  Since this survey the address was sent multiple cards and letters about HeatPumps, Boilers and loans for heating.  A number not given out also started having unsolicited sales calls.

I had complained about the following -

1. The person from Effective Homes claiming to be a surveyor was not qualified as one, he admitted to being in the house to "price the job for the lads to do".
2. The person from Effective Homes is NOT Gas Safe Registered as claimed by Warmfront as no one can give me his Registration Number.
3. The person from Effective Homes kept saying "I used to be on sales, I'm not a salesman now, I do surveys", then tried selling three different boiler warranties.
4. The person from Effective Homes didn't know a 25KW combination boiler can NOT be fed with a 15mm supply that already feeds a kitchen outlet and gas fire.
5. The person from Effective Homes did not conduct any gas pressure tests as he was not qulified to do so.
6. The person from Effective Homes said that a number of customers didn't realise they had to pay so much and were cancelling when he called out.
7. The person from Effective Homes based his decision on whether the boiler could be fitted by using a Flow Cup on the cold tap in the kitchen.
8. Effective Homes would NOT fit the correct 22mm minimum sized gas supply pipe and wanted to use a 15mm that had other appliances connected.

Warmfront agreed that Gas Safe Regulations were not being followed and Effective Homes said their surveyor had made a mistake.  I had told him about the 15mm pipe and pointed it out to him, plus I offered to pay extra for a new gas pipe that could be hidden when a new kitchen was fitted.  It was not a mistake, he chose to ignore it and isn't Gas Safe Registered.  He also thought because the boiler has a 15mm connector, it uses a 15mm pipe - this is not correct as a reducer is used.  I asked about paying for another radiator to be fitted in a hall and was told that wouldn't be possible, his solution was to "fit a double one in the living room"!

A second company was contacted by Warmfront.  They sent GVR from Rhyl, a much more professional company.  Unfortunately Warmfront give them the wrong post code and sent the Gas Safe Registered Engineer to an address some 30miles away.  Once redirected and after a quick look, he phoned me to say a 22mm pipe was required between the gas meter and boiler and discussed how to fit it.  A few days later, the company said they were not allowed to do the job as Warmfront wouldn't pay them.  I had asked this company if they would do any privately paid work after the installation as I was confident they were fairly good.

A third company called Effective Heating in Yorkshire was contacted by Warmfront.  Absolutely miles away.  I asked the company if there was any point in calling if they had no guarantee that Warmfront would pay them.  They have not responded to me and have NO agreement with Warmfront.  The danger is that Warmfront will keep cancelling the jobs out of spite as I said I would make my concerns known and complain.  Warmfront has chosen to punish a vulnerable 85 year old which amounts to Misconduct in a Public Office as they are representing a Government Scheme.

I suggest there are serious irregularities concerning the finances, contract and staff management within Warmfront.  I have passed full details to my local MP.  There is also a problem over companies employing people that are not Gas Safe Registered and the lack of accountability and Management of the Scheme and apparent lack of supervision and vetting of staff.  Exactly who is in charge or runs Warmfront?  There also needs to be some action taken about the rude, offensive and inappropriate emails from Warmfront.  I have contacted Gas Safe Register and Health & Safety Executive and asked them to investigate.  I am waiting for some responses now.

Martin, the complaints about WARMFRONT need looking at and a full investigation started based on all those customers being ignored as that is taxpayers money being used and we have a right to know where it goes. 


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