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I gave my old mobile phone to my son when he returned for Australia 6 years ago. He changed the address and direct debit details at the 3 shop but apparently wouldn't change the name on the mobile phone account. I recently had my credit card limit reduced from over £11k to £1k due to an adverse credit alert. On investigation Transunion alerted my provider to a default on this mobile account. My son had apparently defaulted on a payment in Jun 2021and despite bailiffs letters to his address failed to pay the outstanding amount. I had absolutely no idea about any of this but have paid the outstanding amount to 3mobile. Given the account is so old it is still in my previous married name, the address and DD details are in my sons name, is there any way I can appeal this alert and have it removed from my credit history. Ill deal with the son later .........


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    If the account is still on your name, it's your responsibility to pay it, hence it's "your" fault that it wasn't paid hence the late payment is factually correct. Unfortunately June 2021 is way too late to try the apology for a slight delay in payment and ask them nicely to consider removing it so it has to remain there as an accurate representation of how the account was managed.

    Can still try the hail mary approach and explain the situation and ask if they will consider removing it but I wouldn't hold out hope in doing so.

    In future, make sure you cancel any contract or pay it until you can cancel it, then get your son to open a new account in his name.
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