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Avoid these crooks at all costs. I asked to get some real pictures of a book as it was a stock photo and they ignored my request for nearly a week but then lowered the price of it by about £4. I went back to check if they have replied but to my dismay they put the price up from £27 to a £100. I have never ever seen any thing like that in all my life. They are either trying to swindle me or have read my request and checked it against other prices then thought ooo we can make more here! Fancy changing your price after someones asked you about it's condition!?  That's really bad practice!!
It's a companion to another book and you can get both together commonly for between £70-80. 
I have just read other feedback on EBay left by others and it's row after row of bad experiences.How can you trust anyone when they do that to you! Not a question!
I also added the ISBN to see how much they give you for this book... £2 they offer. laughable!
Theys till haven't replied to two meessages I've sent them now. Let me guess, because they know what they've done is shady. 
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    So they realised an item they had was underpriced and raised it.  Or perhaps your request made them realise it wasn't actually in stock (as suggested by the use of a stock photo) and they raised the price to keep the listing active but in the knowledge that nobody would buy it.

    Doesn't really make them cowboys does it?
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    it could also work just like most airlines and holiday companies do - basic supply and demand.
    When there is little to no demand the price is low but when interest is shown the price goes up.

    I hate that pricing model but am well aware that it is widely used.
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    In the book categories ebay add a stock photo - webuybooks is a mega seller and frankly probably don’t bother responding to questions as they don’t need to . They do state the condition of every book they sell and should a book not be as described then the ebay guarantee would kick in anyway. Unusually for a mega seller they have retained an excellent rating of 99.6% , they also also certainly use a dynamic automatic pricing system, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them (and have done so in the past). 
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