Section 75? and Lock-down?

Query. Does anyone have any idea IF section 75 credit card protection would cover reimbursement of Medical travel insurance. Should the UK or (in our case) American government decide to reinstate a travel ban?. We have a lot of money tied up in this being elderly with Medical issues.

Cheers, Pete.


  • Only if you paid for insurance and did not receive the policy coverage promised.

    Not using the policy isn't grounds for a refund.
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    As above really. Section 75 is for when you don't receive a product or the product is defective - if you just can't use the product due to a lockdown this isn't a fault with the product itself. 
    You won't be covered for this in the event a travel ban is re-instated, plus you'd have had cover for certain elements before the trip (such as cancellation in certain circumstances etc) that you still need to pay for. 

    Fingers crossed the ban won't be re-instated - like you I'm hoping to visit America soon (NYC in January). Good luck! 
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    If you've already purchased the insurance then you are already receiving the benefits of the cover for cancellation protection. 

    Some insurers may apply a pro-rata refund or even agree to a full refund but it would be down to the provider and their T&C's. 

    Agree with the posters above, don't think S75 would apply as the insurer would not be in breach of contract. 
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