Payment to Prepay Technologies Ltd

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Hi, I am buying a service and need to pay by bank transfer. I have Googled the sort code 23-69-72 and it has come up as  Prepay Technologies Ltd.
I am completely unfamiliar with this bank and I can't seem to get any information on it.

Can someone shed some light on it for me please before I part with any money.




  • jimjames
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    Is it the bank? Sounds more like the company you're paying?
    Remember the saying: if it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is.
  • Daliah
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    They are definitely not a bank. You can check the FCA Register for their authorisations, and Companies House for their accounts and other company information. 
  • Mvpharos
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    A bit of Googling suggests this sort code / Prepay Technologies is the payment provider for Mettle which seems to be a business account provided by NatWest. Sounds a bit convoluted.
  • wmb194
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    It seems to be some sort of intermediary to provide services to other companies.

    "A trading name of PrePay Technologies Ltd, PPS is an E-Money institution based in the UK, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority... PPS is a direct participant in Pay.UK’s Faster Payments, BACS, and Direct Debit Services"
  • sparkiemalarkie
    sparkiemalarkie Forumite Posts: 864
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    I have text the service supplier and apparently it's Mettle Business Account ~ Part of Natwest
    I have done a dummy payment run on Barclays and everything tallies
    thanks for the help

  • llenar
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    Be careful with this lot. I was scammed out of £1621. Sort code and account all checked out when creating a payee, however it was a scam. I thought I was sending money to an account to help my daughter out after a fake Whatsapp message. Sort code was 23-03-63 Prepay Technologies. Other codes to be careful of 23-75-24 Prepay Financial Services. I got more stories regarding these sort codes from chat pages. When I complained to the beneficiary "bank" the response came from a company called Suits Me....thought that was a joke too much like Suits You Sir. Anyway my bank fobbed me off so I contacted the Financial Ombudsman and the bank refunded me my loss. I have reported this lot to Action Fraud and the FCA. Be very careful with this bunch. 
  • It's actually a Barclays sort code provided to Agency banks. 
  • adeyZZZ
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    We also had an attempted scam through Whatsapp, same scenario as noted by @llenar here. We have blocked the phone number, reported it through Whatsapp and decided to ask the phone company for a replacement phone number to avoid further mis-use by un-known parties (other choice words for them being uttered here!)

  • RobWilkie
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    I just had exactly the same scam tried on my as @adeyZZZ and @llenar. I'm an IT Specialist and I was convinced the messages were from my daughter but the bank details looked dodgy. Thankfully I refused to pay any money but thought I was protecting my daughter rather than myself. It was only when I actually managed to speak to her that I realised it was a scam.

    Reported to Action Fraud and gave the phone number and bank details of the fraudster and as I'd not actually paid anything out - they refused to accept it as a crime. So it appears that Attempted Fraud is perfectly acceptable - absurd!
  • crumpet_man
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    Sort code 23-69-72 and description of Prepay Technologies Ltd is used by Monese

    I have a Monese account and I have that sort code and when I setup a payee in my Chase account for my Monese account, it added it as Prepay Technologies Ltd.

    Whether any other financial services can use that same sort code I do not know.

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