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I decided to leave Talk Talk as there was a price increase per month  (£24.95 to £27.50) and my contract was ending Nov 8th (2021).   That's the date when payment is due for November (I am fully paid up to that date). When I received notification from Talk Talk of the price increase, mysteriously my broadband signal began dropping until I was no longer able to access the internet. Trying to contact Talk Talk was almost impossible. After much thought I signed up with Vodafone after cancelling the direct debit with Talk Talk.    Vodafone then made TT aware of my cancellation and changeover due on the 8th November the same day as my contract with TT ends.  Almost straight away I received an e-mail from TT saying "We'd love you to stay with us,"  along with an exit fee for £38.23.  So, my question is, does changing my broadband supplier on the changeover date after TT notified me of the price increase warrant an exit fee.



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    No you have gone the wrong way about it ,.

    You tell TT you wish to leave your contract penalty free due to the price increase as per Ofcom Rules .
    But you broke your TT contract by transferring . Multiple identical posts on here .
  • Many Thanks.  I did try to contact TT, but they do make it very difficult!
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    Switching is gaining provider led, no need to contact your old provider at all…if the changeover date is while you are still inside a minimum term, then early termination charges are due, if the terms of your contact allow you to move if the price goes up ( and many now don’t allow a penalty free migration for this , TT included ) then the letter /email advising of the price increase should also have the way to advise the provider that you are rejecting the change in the terms and intend to move provider ) …so in your case , are you allowed to leave penalty free due to the price going up ?, if you are , did you follow the process ?
    Even when people switch penalty free ( outside a minimum term for example) they will be charged a full month and be refunded for the days after the changeover , so cancelling the direct debit isnt a great idea as that’s how the refund would be processed 
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    You may have confused some things. TalkTalk have not announced a price increase recently, but when a fixed term is coming to an end, the discounted price for the fixed term comes to an end, and you get moved to the non-discounted rate.
    Here's the message I received from them.

    Now that you’re coming towards the end of your Faster Fibre and Line Rental contract on 16 October 2021, which costs you £25.50 per month, we want to highlight some of the options available to you going forward. As part of our commitment to Fairer Broadband for all of our customers, we’ve highlighted these potential next steps for you below, along with instructions on how you can take out these offers should you wish.
    The first option available for you is that you can stay on your existing service and automatically move to a new price of £33.95 per month. We also recently got in touch to let you know your contract is going up, meaning you’ll pay a little extra from 15 April 2021 until your contract ends. You don’t have to do anything at all, just sit back and enjoy your great value connection whilst we handle everything else. You’ll be then out of contract with maximum flexibility to upgrade with us any time you like.

    That was not a price increase.
    Your instruction to Vodafone, to transfer to them, seems to have reached TalkTalk before the end date of your fixed term contract. It is no surprise then that TalkTalk have levied Early Termination Charges. When leaving TalkTalk you should not cancel your DD until you have received a final bill showing no money owning. TalkTalk use the active DD to pay any refunds which may be necessary.
    BTW, I renewed with TT on a 24 month contract for £23pm.
  • Bit advice needed please. I am paid up to the 27th. My contract and disconnection ends on the 29th with Talk Talk. .I have not recieved any broardband services since the 27th. 28th i was talking on messenger with a support guy. Sent him the screenshot of the line test on there site. We susspect a issue with your broadband.. Orange triangle. Today same message but with a Red circle. Support guy says iits no reall worth trying to sort it as you leaving talk talk tommorro. Then low and behold they wont a final payment off me. £31 for Broardband. £5 for a speed boost. I messaged him again said what you boosting? His reply was your broardband. I said i dont have a broardband connection with you as  well you know. He said a final bill was for services used then you will get a refund. I said again. you and me both know i have not used any servicers. I have been without since the 27th. I said if anythink you owe me money. Do i pay the final bill or not
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    Dont pay and they pass to debt collectors and trash your credit record .
    Is your phone line still working ??
  • @Cuffy TT bill in advance, so if your next bill is due before you are transferred to your new ISP, you pay that bill and wait for a pro rata refund on the following bill.

    If you have cancelled your Direct Debit already, then if you do not pay you may get hit with late payment charges as well.

    Refunds are normally claimed through your online TT account which remains active for precisely that reason, if a DD is in place that can be claimed by BACS, if not you'll have to request a cheque.

    If there is currently a fault, I am afraid that does not count as having been disconnected so you'll still need to pay or face the consequences as advised by @JJ_Egan in their post.
  • I have not been provide a service since the 27th.I am paid uptill the 27th.They said there was a problem but not worth fixing it as my contract was up. and im getting disconnected tommorro. 
  • OK, as that is 3 days PAST the period you have paid for, TT will expect you to have paid up until 27th of November.

    If they have requested you pay, not doing so could mean you end up with all sorts of credit file grief and as advised above, the debt being sold on to a collection agency.
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    TalkTalk stick to their billing cycle, which is unlikely to sychnronise with changes to the services provided including terminations. So if you paid on 27th September bill in advance until 27th October, the 27th October bill will charge in advance up to 27th November. With service termination between 27th October and 27th November, the bill on 27th November will include any call charges from 27th October to the termination date, and refund advance charges between termination date and 27th November. If this results in a refund due, and the DD authorisation is still open, TT will pay the refund direct to the bank. Otherwise it may be requested to be paid by cheque. A further bill will then be issued on 27th December showing a zero balance.
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