AIP for equity release required

So, my distant history is not great however I’ve worked bloody hard on my Credit score, paying off debts, getting a better mortgage deal as was a Northern Rock come Landmark Morgage prisoner,
no more,
I have credit cards to build credit score I pay off every month,
ive had my mortgage with NatWest now for 7 months
ivd got my Equifax score up to 965, an unbelievable score that I didn’t think I’d ever get, all elements in green, Zero hard searches in last 12 Months,
no loans and not in overdraft,
despite all this which I must stress I’ve worked bloody hard to get in to this position from being on a DMP 10 years ago with a CCJ and a mountain of debt,
as said, now in an unbelievable condition yet when I’ve applied to NatWest for equity release to get my Drive done, buy a motorbike and pay for my lad to get his HGV licence, 
the soft search comes up a big fat NO!
I just don’t get it, when I was in the mire I was being thrown in to more debt, now I’m out of debt they don’t want to give me the cash it seems,
Just to note, LTV is fine, as is affordability, age not a restriction,
even the lass on the phone can’t understand it,
very little Britain, computer says NO!
any ideas folkes, Martin?


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