Identity Fraud

Hi I'm Newbie but wanted to share my story in case it helps others in the community or maybe someone is experiencing the same misery as me.
In July this year (2021) I discovered I was the victim of identity fraud. Some one has used my name, address and date of birth to set up a credit account with a company called  New Day, to fund two items from AO for around £2500. Neither item was delivered to my home address although efforts have clearly been made to establish photographic evidence to suggest that they were. I am therefore being pursued to settle a debt which isn't mine.
I have formally complained to New Day and am currently awaiting the FOS to investigate my complaint and hopefully resolve this in my favour. 
Whilst I have currently not been directly impacted financially, my credit rating has plummeted. 
I read an article on line about the arrest of two people just before my challenges commenced but it confirmed to me that others will have been impacted in the same way as me.   (unfortunately I am unable  to post on here due to my newbie status) 
I'll update further if this is useful as my story unfolds but if anyone has a similar experience I'd love to connect and chat and share ideas.
Best to you all.


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    It's not uncommon, but it will be sorted. Don't worry about your credit rating - all you need is for the accounts to be removed from your files.  While New Day are investigating, FOS won't get involved, so leave that for now.

    You may also want to report to Action Fraud and give New Day the case number.
  • Sorry you have been a victim. My elderly mum had her identity stolen. Would have been the end of 2018. Thankfully they never got as far as they have done with you, but for about 5 months mum was getting alsorts of things through the post. Magazine subscriptions, childs savings account, BT router, sim card, pet insurance and I lost count the amount of times they tried to switch her gas and electric. I was contantly on the phone stopping things and informing them that mum hadn't subscribed etc. The only companies who took it seriously was the AA motor insurance who sent it through to their fraud team and Tesco credit card department. I couldn't understand what who ever was doing all this was getting from it until I spoke to Tesco's. They explain that who ever it was was trying to make a convincing credit profile ready to sadly achieve what they have done with you. 

    I then made mum a member of and also explained to them what was happening. That meant that mums credit file was monitored. A password was also created so that if anyone applying for credit would have to input the password in order for the application to procced. I also regularly checked mums file and checked her bank online daily. Thankfully it eventually stopped. This is something you could do if you haven't already. 

    Good luck and I hope it will all be settled quickly for you. 
  • Hello Muttley
    I've recently been scammed, and luckily I was able to stop money going out of my bank, cancelled cards, joined Experian etc. I was worried about identity theft too, contacted HMPO and DVLA in case anyone tried to use my details to clone identity. HMPO said they have robust procedures in place, advised cancelling my passport and getting a new one, DVLA were great and have put a marker against my driving record, so big shout to them. 
    Hope you get things sorted. 
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    Hi Muttley,  I've posted a lot on Identity Theft over the years.  Recently North Yorkshire Police and HSBC held a Webinar on Fraud. I put my tuppence worth in, saying Google my name and Identity theft.  The outcome is described in the link below.  It describes what I and others do to protect themselves from ID Theft.  I hope you find it useful.

    The Solution To Identity Fraud - The AntiSocial Engineer Limited

    Compare it against CIFAS Protective Registration as shown in the link below:

    MyPAS - The AntiSocial Engineer Limited

    I hope you find these helpful..  Martin may too
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    I like the MyPAS idea. It clearly can't prevent identify fraud, but it can insulate you from the effects of it, as it ensures that you can prove that you are not the person who signed a contract or application form, providing the company that is checking your credit record understands and accepts that they don't have an authentic signature if they don't get your thumbprint against it.  

    There is clearly a risk that you may paint yourself into a corner whereby you have to provide a thumbprint before you can complete any application for a financial service, but any indelible fluid that produces a clear imprint could be used in a pinch. 
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
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    There is clearly a risk that you may paint yourself into a corner whereby you have to provide a thumbprint before you can complete any application for a financial service, but any indelible fluid that produces a clear imprint could be used in a pinch. 
    Hi tacpot12.  I hope this helps explain a few points.

    First of all you've not painted yourself into a corner.  This is your instruction.  It's something you've put into place, i.e. you authenticate your signature with your print for any financial product or service which requires your signature.   (This will only be checked if you learn that fraud has occurred and then it won't be your print but that of the fraudsters which accompanies the signature.   You're in the clear and there's forensic for the old bill, the crooks print.

    You've made available to All those organisations who search the Credit Reference Databases that this is something you do, and they should adhere to. It's in their interest they comply, they have a real time indication and warning that fraud maybe attempted. If all their security checks fail, then this, a print comes into it's own. It's a wonderful deterrent.

    Re inkless pads, they are readily available on the web, and they don't make a mess.

    I would hope, in the near future that the Credit Reference Agencies look at MyPas users as the most favourable people to have as customers.  Why? because they are the only ones who are taking proactive steps to deter someone using their valuable data/information for financial or criminal gain.

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