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Silly question time (probably)

To be honest I am I little fed up of everything. The uplift in UC stopped has made my situation worse, the cost of every flaming thing has gone up and my flatmate is cheesed off as he is having to pay the shortfall and all of the rent which will nearly cover half of his wages when it goes up in November. So when I get a job, my flatmate has told me in no uncertain terms that I have to pay more towards it all or go away. He is more than aware that I have been applying for jobs and so far its nudging about 200.

So if he is asking that I pay more to when I get a job, would that affect the DRO?  To be honest I have a feeling that it shouldnt as long as I dont have more than £50 at the end of the month, but I am a bit worried that living here is not a formal arrangement and theres nothing on paper. Although when I applied for a DRO it was the same situation but uplift helped enormously and the economic landscape wasnt so screwy so I could just about plaster over the cracks.  Of course he still could turn to me tomorrow and go "enough, off you go" and then the whole thing becomes irrelevant.

Another thing that disapointed me with the DRO process was dealing with Stepchange. I had the DRO in June yet I applied for it in April. They kept asking me for proof of income even though, to this day, on my UC portal it says my claim is still being processed. I asked at the jobcenter about that and they said "not sure why its like that". I am getting payments so something must be processed somewhere!! So I told Stepchange this over and over thats what it said, I sent them screenshots of the thing and yet they still asked me for it. An extra 2 months of faffing around that were unneccssary.

Sorry for the long winded thing but I just feel I need a little guidance and a bit of a vent too. On the bright side, I have a couple of good leads on possible jobs but thats happened before and it turned into nothing. So again, this entire post might be for nothing.


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    There are no silly questions.

    As long as your surplus is below £75 the DRO continues.

    Stepchange are just asking for stuff to satisfy their internal processes. It won't affect your DRO

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