eBay orders & payments not going through but money taken from bank account.

Hello Forum Members,

I have recently been having a problem with orders not going through.  On 15/ 16 October, I placed an order with Seasalt's eBay outlet.  This was for five items costing £109.44.  I paid with my Visa card via PayPal.  The order was still showing as "payment pending" a few hours later.  When I clicked on an item, it came up "order not found".

Yesterday, when I checked my purchases, the whole order had gone back in my basket.  I thought the order hadn't gone through, so I went to the checkout and tried paying again.  Again it showed "payment pending" and order not found.  I also got a message the order hadn't been successful.

 I checked my bank statement and two payments of £109.44 have been taken.  I contacted eBay help and they said my eBay account is in good order.  They said the seller had opted for the new eBay managed payment for receiving payments but they have not yet verified this.  I was advised to ask the seller to please confirm their managed payment method, then my payment should go through.

 I messaged Seasalt outlet, last night, and am waiting to hear from them but they can be slow to reply.

When I returned to my eBay account, I found all the items ordered were back in my basket again!  I had an eBay notification to re-send my payment because the other hadn't gone through.  If I had re-sent my payment, another £109.44 would have gone from my bank.  I then just deleted all the items in the basket.

Really, I need a refund of, at least £109.44 for the first time I re-sent the payment.  In fact, I think I would rather cancel the whole order and be refunded £218.88.  However, I'm not sure it's any use asking Seasalt eBay outlet for the refund because the order didn't go through so, I think, they didn't get my payments.

How can I possibly have this money refunded to my bank account?  I would be grateful for your help.  Thanks.


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    Unlikely the money has been "taken" from your bank account, it will be pending and not available to spend to be taken when the order completes which is now not likely to happen for at least one of them.  The money will return to being available within usually 3 to 7 days.  One of the perils of using a debit card for large(ish) value purchases if their is a problem.
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    Thanks for your reply.  I eventually contacted my bank and the payment had left my account,  not gone through to the seller, and it went straight back into my account.  The bank checked and it seemed there was some technical “issue” with this eBay seller’s site.
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