Cifas DSAR

Just out of curiosity I decided to check CIFAS to see if anything recorded about me.

Two days later I got this (which I think came back really quickly)

"As of the above date, there is no Cifas data on our systems registered in your name and date of birth at the address(es) you supplied."

I assume all good here?


  • Yes - it means there's nothing registered against you.
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    Yes - it means there's nothing registered against you.
    Thank you, that's good to hear.
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    Yes that's good news, means that nothing has been reported to them (positive  or negative).  

    I did the same following a rejection from HSBC during one of their switch incentives, (as knew all correct on credit reports)  so just wanted to be on the safe side.  Mine came back quick too, within around 3-4 days.  

    So at least i know its just that HSBC didn't want my current account custom, and not something erroneous that had been registered against me that i needed to get sorted.   
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