Trying to rebuild credit file. How many credit cards?

I am coming to the point where my precious poor decisions are falling off my credit report and my ‘score’ is beginning to climb. I have no defaults on my file now, and have 2 ccjs that have 12 months left before they fall off. Everything else has dropped off this year. 

As a result, I’m starting to see pre approved credit card offers on clear score and have successfully applied for a couple, with the plan of using them for food shopping through the month and paying them off in full each month. 

My question is, how many credit cards/credit accounts would be considered ‘too many’ when one is trying to build their credit rating? I saw an offer this morning from Tesco which is the first mainstream lender I’ve seen and wondered whether to go for it or not (the interest rate is 12% lower than one of the other cards I have). 


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    As always, it depends. But until your total limits dwarf your income, it's not something you need to worry about.

    Interest rates shouldn't be an issue, as you should be clearing your cards in full each month.
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    There isn't a correct answer, just don't apply for lots at once or over a short period of time. Lenders don't see "prime" or "sub-prime" cards on your account, just your credit limit and judge your application based on salary, past history and current credit. If you already have multiple cards as your post implies, and your plan is to pay it off every month in full, why do you need to apply for more? Just use the existing ones properly and leave it for a year until the history is clear, then look at a card that might offer some benefits
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