Can I have this CCJ set aside?

Hi all. I am hoping for some advice on a CCJ I have on my credit record. The CCJ is from 2019, for an amount of just £346. Of course despite it being a relatively low amount, the CCJ is now being detrimental towards my chances of getting credit going forward. Due to personal reasons, I was completely unaware of the impending judgment at the time and didn't do anything about it.

Recently I paid the entire debt off, and got in touch with the client (Ferratum) to explain my situation and see what could be done to set aside the CCJ. In response, they have told me as a gesture of goodwill that they have removed the credit account itself from my credit report and placed a stop on reporting of it as well. What I would like to know is what can I do from here? With this gesture from them, would I now be able to get the CCJ set aside, and how best should I go about doing this? (I know that it being 2 years now could harm my chances.) Or will I simply have to settle for it being marked as satisfied? If so, will this happen automatically from the client due to my recent contact with them or will I have to apply for a certificate of satisfaction?

Thank you so much to anyone for any help with this.


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    Ideally you should have contacted them and offered a "set aside by consent" deal.

    In exchange for payment in full, you would pay off the debt, and they would not object to a set aside motion, this would have cost you around £100, if they had agreed.

    You can still ask them to do this, but now they have been paid, there`s not much incentive for them.

    With the passage of time, (a set aside should be applied for promptly, weeks, not months or years), the fact the debt is now repaid, and that you wouldn`t have met the criteria for a successful set aside motion, not to mention the cost of £250.00, that`s your only option.

    Just be aware, courts do not always take kindly to set aside by consent, because its used to manipulate credit files somewhat.

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