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    neilmcl said:
    Some people say by watering the area straight after the dogs has pee'd works, but I can't say I've ever tried it. You could try watering it on really hot days if you don't already. You could feed the bold patches but with the dog you need to be careful. After all the rain we will get during the winter it might be looking ok next year :) 
    I bet those people have never owned a dog. How many people walk around after their dog with a watering can/hose when it's in the garden.
    I bet some do. Some wipe their bottoms  :/ 
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    Is your lawn for beauty and admiration or for the family to enjoy?
    Yes, you could make the lawn grow well and green - but you would need to aerate, scarify and feed it a few times if it's used for sport. That's what will compact the soil and make the grass grow poorly.
    So hard work, keep children off or put up with a poor lawn.
    The burning marks from dogs and cats is usually when ithe ground is really dry and the grass can't take it. You won't see those shorch marks in a wet spell.
    A half way idea is to mow with the blades slightly higher but you will have to mow more often. This should thicken the grass so make it more resiliant.

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    I bet its a !!!!!! not a dog?

    Solution: swap for a male dog.

    Also, second the possibility of leatherjackets/crane flies.

    Solution: douse with nematodes in the Autumn. Also, an autumn feed afterwards.
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    I suspect the part growing well is benefiting from the nitrogen in the dogs pee which is what burns it yellow, as it gets too much nitrogen, but the soil around it gets a just-right amount hence growing thicker and greener than elsewhere 

    you should apply a nitrogen based lawn feed to the whole lawn; water in any pee with a hosepipe if you see if but not always possible

    look into dog rocks - you add them to a water bowl - this helps for some people

    give your lawn a regular now at a consistent height and make sure to water it regularly but not too much - every 3 days usually fine in summer 

    Never cut more than one third of the grass's total height in a single cut, water it first thing in the morning right after a cut, put an empty tuna can out while using a sprinkler, when it's full you're done - you soon get an idea of timings. Don't water every day a you want to promote deep root growth 

    also use good grass seed not supermarket stuff. A1 premiership pro is good stuff, but if lawn is shaded get a shady seed mix 

    my lawn is far from perfect and I spend very little time actually maintaining it but I get lot of questions off neighbours, friends etc about it, this was it when it wasn't even looking it's best as I have a lot of weed grass growing in it and haven't scarified it in 2 years, the stripes aren't even consistent 😂 so not my best work. Added a closeup, and a photo of what the grass was like when we moved in. Just aim for gradual improvement! There is a Facebook group called UK lawn care that will advise on specific products, techniques etc if you want to learn and get targeted advice 

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    These are the images mentioned above; some reason wouldn't add to previous post 
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    Solution: swap for a male dog.

    Doesn't always work. One of my clients has a male dog who crouches to pee.

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    I bet its a !!!!!! not a dog?

    Solution: swap for a male dog.

    Rescue centre.."So why are you handing over your female dog?" 
    Owner.."Because I want a male dog so it's urine might not burn my lawn!    

    As bad as saying the cat has to go because I've redecorated and it doesn't match the sofa! 
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    My male dog's urine killed th grass. The only advantage is that sometimes they pee up against something so save the grass.
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